A special thank you to our amazing vet office
that provides the best care to animals in our rescue:


Annville - Cleona Veterinary Associates
1259 E. Main Street
Annville, PA 17003
(717) 867-2662




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Sweet Tart
Sweet Tart came to rescue suffering from a softball sized tumor caused by his testicle. After removal he was a new boy, but 3 short months later the tumor returned and we had to say goodbye on July 29, 2022.

Sparky was surrendered to rescue plagued with health issues, the most concerning being morbidly obese. We started treatment for his ailments and a weight loss diet according to our vet recommendations. Unfortunately, we were late and Sparky passed away peacefully on July 1, 2022. He was truly loved and is dearly missed.

Ivey, our sweet little monkey was only 5 months old when she gained her angel wings on June 30, 2022. She suffered 3 fractures before arriving in our care. Unfortunately, despite our love and attention to keeping her safe, she suffered several more fractures. X-rays showed her bones were disintegrating and she was cursed with brittle bone disease. Ivey was a special soul and our hearts break that she had to leave us so young.

Lincoln passed away on June 30th, 2002, after battling Cushing's Disease and kidney failure. This senior was sweet and feisty until the end. While we are sad he has passed, we are blessed to have loved and spoiled this beautiful boy!

May 26, 2022 - Dallas came to rescue with diabetes and Cushing's disease, but he was also urinating blood and clots. He was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in multiple organs including his right kidney causing the blood and clots. We knew our time together was limited, but Dallas didn't he was sick. Just yesterday he was running after the lure coursing flag, playing fetch and rolling in the grass. Little did we know he would become neurological and have seizure activity so we decided to give this beautiful, sweet and feisty little man his angel wings. He was only with us a short time but he made a big impact on our lives and took a piece of our heart to heaven with him. We know he is running free and happy and the Rainbow Bridge. We will miss our cute, little cuddly teddy bear!

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